Program & Agenda

Program & Agenda

2022 Healthy Soil Summit Agenda

Please Note: The following is the 2022 agenda. We will be updating the 2023 agenda soon. Sign up for our News & Announcements email newsletter to receive notifications and updates about the Healthy Soil Summit and upcoming Acres U.S.A. events.

This is an essential event for ranchers, growers, and farmers who are improving their soil health management systems. Our instructors are real farmers who practice what they teach. Click on the links below to jump to the information, or just keep scrolling.

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2022 Speakers

Our speakers are vetted practitioners of soil health management and are leaders in agriculture. Click on their photo for more information.

More speakers and agenda details coming soon!

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2022 Farm Tour


The Farm Tour is an optional add-on to the Healthy Soil Summit event. Farm Tour attendees will visit a northern California farm operation working on the cutting edge of soil health and then the Center for Land-Based Learning. Bus transportation and lunch included.

Stop 1: Myers Ranch, Williams, CA
Tour Guide: James Pingrey, Agronomist

Six years ago, the Myers family conventional nut growers in Northern California, were growing increasingly disappointed in their yields and frustrated with disease problems. To address these, the family hired agronomist James Pingrey, and the first thing he did was start to work on the operation’s soil health. At the forefront of this plan was getting away from synthetic products using compost along with naturally mined minerals, such as Leonardite, Soft Rock phosphate, Wollastonite. Eventually, since most of their products were already OMRI approved, the Myers started to discuss transition to organic. 

The Healthy Soil Summit Farm Tour will visit the Myers Ranch in Williams, California to see different stages of their soil health transformation. We’ll visit their 450 acres of newly converted Certified Organic Walnuts and visit an almond orchard that is farmed regeneratively and moving toward organic certification. 

Hear from agronomist, James Pingrey, about the steps that were taken to build a soil health plan for Myers Ranch and eventually an organic transition plan. Learn about the challenges that have arisen, the soil tests and advice that guided the strategy, the agronomic and economic outcomes so far, and other key take-aways from the process. Come with questions and make the most of this on-farm experience from an operation in the middle of a massive soil health transformation!

Agronomist James Pingrey kneels with his black dog Millie in an almond orchard.
 James Pingrey, Agronomist, and his dog, Millie.

Stop 2: The Center for Land Based Learning, Woodland, CA

The Center for Land-Based Learning works to inspire, educate, and cultivate future generations of farmers, agricultural leaders and natural resource stewards. At this stop we’ll learn about programs to designed to help farmers transition to climate-friendly practices and tour the farm where these practices are being put to the test.

Upon arrival attendees will enjoy a panel discussion from California Farm Academy Apprenticeship Program Manager, Marisa Alcorta, Farm and Climate Program Manager & Ecologist, Jeanne Wirka, and California Farm Academy Director, Dr. Sri Sethuratnam, followed by a farm tour from CEO Mary Kimball.

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Certified Crop Advisors CEUs

The Healthy Soil Summit is the ideal event to earn your Certified Crop Advisor CEUs. This year we’ve secured the opportunity to earn 9.5 total CEU credits for attending the Healthy Soil Summit.

When you register and attend, your 9.5 CEUs will include:

  • Nutrient Management: 4.5
  • Soil & Water Management: 2
  • Crop Management: 1
  • Professional Development: 1
  • Sustainability: 1
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Roundtable Discussions

Roundtable discussions will take place at lunchtime on Day 2 of the Healthy Soil Summit. Come talk with our experts and your peers around these educational regenerative ag topics:

AEA Sponsor
Advancing Eco Agriculture
Topic: Regenerative Crop Health
1. In your experience, what are the keys for building and maintaining soil health?
2. What are the limiting factors that help us measure and build healthy soils?
3. How do we manage soil health in the face of limited water availability?
4. Is it really possible to reduce inputs with regenerative farming? How?
5. Regenerative farming should bring system resilience and stability—some measure of ecological peace. What gives you joy and peace on your farm?
6. How do we recycle/sustain/rejuvenate the aspects of farm life that bring joy and well-being?
Ferticell logo
Topic: Micronutrients
1. How could your PCA/CCA better help you to understand the role of micronutrients in your crops?
2. What do you think are some side effects of improper micronutrition?
3. What do you think one of the principal roles of Boron is in plants?
4. What do you think happens when metal salts ie. Magnesium and Zinc are in unbalanced ratios in your soil?
5. How do you remedy microelement imbalances in your soils?
Live Earth Products
Live Earth Products
Topic: Humic Acids
1. How do humates help with salts?
2. Does humic acid help with nutrient availability?
3. How does humic acid impact water conservation?
4. How do I choose the proper soil amendment?
5. How do humates help reduce fertilizer loss?
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Ward Laboratories, Inc.
Topic: Soil Testing
1. What parameters determine “soil health," and how do the varying approaches differ?
2. Why is soil aggregate stability a critical part of soil health, and what soil parameters influence the results?
3. What validation methods are best for carbon sequestration and why?
4. Is soil microbiology testing necessary, and what are the best options?
5. Why is saturated paste extract critical in soil nutrient testing and what are the benefits?

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