About Us

About Us

About the Healthy Soil Summit

Healthy Soil Summit, founded in 2019, is an essential learning and networking experience for farmers and ranchers, from conventional to organic. Attendees just starting their soil health program or advanced in their programs will leave with a better understanding of the key principles and techniques being used by top world’s soil health managers. Our workshops and farm tours, led by real-world farmers and ranchers, will help increase your operation’s resilience to weather and climate, while decreasing the need for fertilizers and inputs, and creating a more desirable product to sell to today’s consumer. 

Our Healthy Soil Summit Exhibitor Hall features only the top companies in the eco-agriculture space, ready and established to help you with any problems you face, from crop protection to soil testing to soil fertility, and more. Whether you manage orchards, cash crops, greenhouses or ranches, our exhibitors attend specifically to reach today’s soil health manager who is making tough decisions on fertilizers, cover crops, livestock care, lab testing, seed purchasing and tillage.

About Acres U.S.A.

Our Mission and Vision

Acres U.S.A.  is committed to advancing the understanding and implementation of eco-agriculture practices to manage soil health and crop protection naturally, regenerate ecosystems, and grow healthier food. 

Our founder, Charles Walters, said it best when we started in 1971: “To be economical, a farm must be ecological.” 

Our educational products, built and designed by this community of real-world farming and ranching practitioners, can help you:

  • transition to a more natural growing system, less dependent on costly, synthetic inputs;
  • connect with peers who have experience solving real-world farming and ranching problems; and
  • discover helpful new ideas to teach, share and accelerate the movement toward eco-agriculture.

Our Values & Standards

Acres U.S.A. holds these fundamentals to be most important:

We value what is true

Our information is proven with science or experience. To the best of our ability, all advice, methods and techniques are vetted for accuracy, ethics and effectiveness. We are 100 percent accountable for the information we share, and will always acknowledge mistakes honestly, correct them openly, and learn from them endlessly. 

We respect the individual and believe that everyone and everything is connected

Whether you are human, animal or plant, we believe you are essential to life on Earth, regardless of  differences in appearance, genetics, or beliefs. We work hard to help create a unified understanding of soil health and human health. As Acres U.S.A. authors Bruce and Athena Tainio wrote, “Everything in this universe is connected to everything else. You cannot isolate one mineral, soil, microbe, plant, animal, or human component and treat that component as though the others don’t exist, once you gain the understanding of the interrelated character of all things.”

We build opportunity

We believe in advocating for abundance. We celebrate when we see the tactics and management practices we share through our products and community creating resilient enterprises and multiple, thriving markets. We know that the ecological farming model is essential to any nation’s sovereignty and a healthy global food supply, and therefore, we believe what is good for the eco-agriculture farmer is good for us all.

We create powerful communities

We are connected to a diverse set of partners around the world to accelerate the eco-agriculture movement. Acres U.S.A.’s community of world changers includes almost every major international group focused on sustainable agriculture, as well as farms and ranches of all sizes in diverse ecosystems, major corporations, startups, nonprofits and charities, land-grant universities, government departments, and individuals who have won major environmental awards, including recognition by the United Nations, the Nobel Prize Committee, and the Wolf Prize of Agriculture. We are honored  to work with such people, and are excited to share their work with you.